15 Medicinal Plants For Diabetics
Medicinal plants are increasingly recognized for their role in treating diabetes mellitus, a complex metabolic disorder. These plants contain bioactive compounds like flavonoids, alkaloids, phenolics,...
The First Super-Food Banana
Do you eat bananas? Why not? It would be best if you ate bananas daily, cause banana is the world’s first superfood with huge nutritional benefits. In 1918, During World War I, the USA began published...
The Gut-Brain Connection to Improve Our Mental Health and Well-Being
Our anxiety, anger, sadness, emotions—all these feelings can be triggered by our gut. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever felt a ‘gut-wrenching’ sensation or butterflies in your stomach? But why?...
Superfoods that Boost Immunity
Superfoods that Boost Immunity
It is said that you are what you eat. recently some research has shown that a balanced diet filled with nutritious food can defend against some dangerous and chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart disease,...
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